When Warriors Talk Miracles Happen


​Author Tabitha Adkins turns a journey of what appears as setbacks, with questions concerning the many moments through the battle. However, this novel will move you as the she enters into the moment of her why not me....through sickness, friendship, family, and faith. Be prepared to feel emotional and inspired." -Veronica Clay-Bunch Tabitha is an amazing survivor, fighter and conqueror. She is the true definition of a champion fighter who masters the ring, who never backs down and who brings home the victory in every round with God in her corner. Tabitha is a mother, daughter, and friend who has learned to appreciate the core relationships in her life. As a Warrior, Tabitha has battled many challenges, but she continues to fight with God directing every battle she faces. Tabitha is a walking miracle who displays how an all-powerful and intentional God shows up in her life over and over again. Facing Type 1 Diabetes, breast cancer and stage III kidney disease has challenged Tabitha physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. But, her obstacles have also developed her into the Warrior she is today. The battles have made her stronger, wiser, and more grateful. She now knows that God was preparing her to be a Warrior since birth and He is equipping her to be able to withstand the blows of the enemy.